At Camp Wildwood, we pride ourselves as one of Maine's top rated summer camps with a focus on helping campers learn to make choices. Our schedule is designed to allow campers to mix and match from three different types of activities on a daily basis: traditional team sports, individual sports and creative activities. Life long sports, tennis and swimming, show up on the schedule every day to round out every child’s daily routine.

Wildwood encourages all campers to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. Our directors and staff gently urge the campers to try new and different activities throughout the summer. In the safe and supportive environment of Camp Wildwood, the boys are quickly taught that there is no such thing as giving up. Summer camps were invented hundreds of years ago so that children could experience activities and sports that they could not find at home. Camp should be a place for learning new things, gaining confidence and developing trust and maturity. That is what Wildwood has to offer and that is what Wildwood is all about.



The Wildwood day begins with the playing of reveille at 7:20am and ends with taps at 8:30pm. We offer two periods before lunch and three afterwards along with an evening activity after dinner. Each period is broken up into the three choices mentioned above: team sport, invididual sport and creative activity. Camp Wildwood age groups are named after trees found on the grounds. Boys that have completed the second and third grades are in our Cedar/Pines, Hemlocks are fourth graders, Oaks are fifth graders and so on. Check out the sample scheudule below and see what your child selects. His choices might surprise you! Some days at camp might include an inter-camp game or tournament.



PLUS programs are designed for those campers who want to improve their skills beyond our regular schedule. For ice hockey players, there are bi-weekly trips to the local ice rink where campers can sharpen their skills for the upcoming season. The rink is only minutes away from camp and we reserve ice time after dinner. For tennis enthusiasts or those looking for extra lessons on the courts, our Tennis Plus program offers focused one-on-one and small group lessons. For the avid golfer, there are weekly trips to local 18 hole courses. Weekly rock climbing trips are also offered to campers looking to tackle the great outdoors.



On Wednesday and Sunday evenings, the routine at Wildwood shifts a little bit so that the entire camp can be together. On Wednesday evenings, the whole camp dines together at the cook out area. We chow down on all of the usuals: burgers, bbq chicken, hot dogs, corn on the cob and salad. Following the meal, campers can choose from a variety of activities including watching a movie in the lodge, playing some dodge ball or participating in a wild game of capture the flag.

On Sunday evenings, the entire camp gathers around the campfire to be entertained by one of our age groups. Typically, the performance is a comedy show including skits and songs geared towards putting a smile on every face in the crowd. Each campfire ends with a speech from one of the directors and the singing of taps. The lessons are usually sports related and deal with issues such as fair competition, respect for others and appreciation for our families.