Team Sports

 Camp Wildwood Baseball

25,000 sq. ft. Gymnasium with 2 Basketball Courts and 1 Hockey Rink, 2 Baseball Fields, 2 Soccer Fields, 1 Outdoor Hockey Rink, 4 Outdoor Basketball Courts, 1 Football Field, 2 Lacrosse Fields and 1 Beach Volleyball Court

Individual Sports

Camp Wildwood Golf

8 Clay Tennis Courts, 3 Hard Surface Tennis Courts, 4 Hole Golf Course, 50 ft. Climing Wall with 5 courses and cargo net, BMX Track, 2 GaGa Courts, Archery Range, Low Element Challenge Course, 20 Ping Pong Tables and Weight Room


 Camp Wildwood Water Sports

3 Ski Boats, 6 Sail Boats, 12 Canoes, 6 Kayaks, Water Trampoline w/BLOB, Summit, Water Basketball, Surf Bikes and Water Mats


Arts and Crafts Studio, Digital Media Program, Grilling Lessons, Wood Shop, Radio Station and Guitar Center