Meals and Cabins

Shared by boys, staff and directors alike, meal times are a great time for everyone to join, eat, and talk together. We think our meals are some of the best of any sleepaway camp in Maine! All of the food we serve our campers is free of trans fats and our camp is completely nut free.

The natural beauty of the Maine forest is captured by the towering pines that are scattered throughout the campgrounds. Campers live in two designated areas along the shores of Woods Pond. A row of pines leads the campers from the lodge down to the cabins of junior camp where campers ages 7-12 sleep while our older boys are right next door in senior camp. All Wildwood cabins have spectacular views of Shawnee Peak and memorable sunsets.

Six or seven campers and two counselors occupy each cabin, which is equipped with a sink, a toilet, and electricity. Showers are located in a separate building, just steps away from the cabins. In each of the cabins, platform beds are homemade and comfortable. During the summer, boys begin to build long-lasting friendships with their bunkmates as they learn about sharing, cooperation, and companionship.

All camper bathrooms and shower houses are cleaned and maintained daily by our professional maintenance staff. All are equipped with anti bacterial soap and hand sanitizer. However, the boys do have to clean up their cabins every morning. Bunks are inspected and points are awarded to the cleanest cabins each day. Pizza parties are delivered to the bunks that have accumulated the most points in a given week.