Meet the Directors

Camp Wildwood has been a family-owned and operated summer camp in Maine since 1953. We believe in a hands on approach, meeting everyday with our carefully selected administration and staff to discuss program improvements, daily activities, inter-camp games and remedies for any of yesterdays problems. We strongly believe that the best way to teach children is to work and learn alongside them. That is why we know each and every boy by name. Every night, as we say goodnight to each camper, we learn more about the individual. After all, it is at night when the days activities have ended, that kids have time to talk about their successes and their concerns.  


Louis and Chelsey Kail:

Louis started at Wildwood as a very tall nine year old in 1995 and has spent twenty one years there as a camper and administrator. He earned a Masters in Health and Physical Education and currently teaches at Harrison High School in Westchester, NY. In addition to his teaching duties, he also coaches high school basketball and baseball. Louis will be joined by his wife, Chelsey and their newborn son, Austin. Chelsey, a lifelong camper herself, is a teacher and coach at the Solomon Schechter School of Westchester. The Kail family could not be more excited to be at Camp Wildwood and they are looking forward to many wonderful summers ahead.


Teddy Friedman:

Teddy began his Wildwood career as a Hemlock in 1997. He then spent the next fourteen summers up in Maine as a camper and group leader. During the school year, Teddy owns and operates the Dribbl Basketball program and teaches physical education at the Saint David’s School in New York City. Like Louis, it is a dream come true for him to return to Camp Wildwood as a director.


Mark and Peter Meyer:

Mark attended Wildwood as a boy and worked his way up through the ranks of camp staff. In 1980, he and his brother Peter purchased camp and have served as the directors ever since. After more than thirty years in the industry, Mark and his wife Lisa, along with Peter and his wife Esther, have been able to enjoy watching campers grow from boys into men.