Our Staff

We believe part of what makes us one of the best summer camps in Maine is our dedicated staff. The Camp Wildwood staff is as diverse as the campers. While many come from the United States, each summer we welcome a number of young men and women from England, Wales, Scotland, Canada and Australia (just to name a few). They are an enthusiastic and qualified group of individuals who return summer after summer to work at a place that has become their home away from home.



The administration oversees and coordinates the various programs at camp and monitors the safety and satisfaction of each camper. These staff members are generally older than the average counselor and are typically full time teachers during the school year. This group includes the head counselor, program director, athletic director, waterfront director, tennis director and our group leaders.

Our seven group leaders are usually young men who have been at Wildwood for many summers. Because many group leaders are former campers, they know what it takes to provide our boys with a special experience. They remember how important a caring, sensitive and responsible leader is to time spent away from home. They pass this tradition down to our campers in the hopes that it will be passed along for generations to come.


Specialty Counselors:

This group of collegiate athletes and students instructs the campers in particular skills or crafts throughout the summer. They are enthusiastic and supportive individuals who are always willing to provide one on one instruction for campers that request or require additional work. All waterfront personnel have Red Cross certification and our registered nurses all have completed state licensing requirements. All of our coaches have either played for their university team or have extensive coaching experience. They are both qualified and dedicated to teaching.


General Counselors:

This group of counselors accompanies the children to and from each activity period and assists the specialty counselors. The boys at Wildwood are never without constant supervision and never travel around camp or on trips by themselves. Many of our general counselors are former Wildwood campers.